The 1. Address for VIPs in Dubai

Grosvenor House for the Award nominates

The Buddha-Bar in the Grosvenor House:
Point of attraction for prominent persons all over the world
Dubai, the country of thousand-and one night, which at present could rather be called a country of thousand- and one construction sites, due to the innumerable building projects, attract whole crowds of prominent businessmen from all over the world. Understandably, by the unstoppable construction activity, this has the result that at present Dubai's Business hotel in the sheikdom has a economic boom.

The in Berlin born "Mr. Florian" (photo l.) and his staff concern themselves admirably about those usually "very important" guests like e.g. Formula 1-VIP Ralf Schumacher and Gala singer Folkert Klaassen.

Lobby Grosvenor House

That, despite innumerable construction sites, the numbers of tourists do not leave and that the travel agencies and holiday hotels are not overthrown by a wave of building noise complaints, is a Dubai own phenomenon. While before the beginning of the boom of construction activity one barely needed a half an hour from the Jumeirah Beach to the centre of Dubai, private vehicles and taxis now torment themselves for one and a half up to two hours (more stop as Go) beside endless queues of construction vehicles into the heart of the largest gold jewellery city of the world.

Penthouse apartments in the VIP HOTEL GROSVENOR

The Grosvoner House at the Marina at the Jumeirah Beach obviously seems to have Business-hotels of the special class such as the Emirate Tower in the centre, be running off their rank. Who stands to himself and is looking for a noble lodging for a short or even a somewhat longer business or otherwise constituted stay, descends in the Grosvenor House, which belongs to the Chairman of the Emirates Airline Sheikh Ahmed Al Maktoum. Its royal majesty has given himself a present, an indeed royal suite on top of his own building, and has frequently been sighted at the table right beside business talking international Executives.

Influential LOCALS and Arab "Rich men", sometimes with royal blood in their veins, treat themselves in the outstanding restaurants and in particular in the famous Buddha-bar, besides "normal" and prominent guests from all over the world. ("Schummi NO. 2"Ralf Schumacher himself with family has recently likewise hidden away from unwanted glances, in a separated area of the Buddha-bar).

The Royal Meridian prepares a VIP Gala for 1000 VIPs

For large-scale enterprises and banks the seat of the Grosvenor Five-Star-Business-Hotels is ideal, particularly since it is "connected" by a 3-Minuten-Shuttle with the beach oasis of the Sheikh OD hotel Royal Meridian. In front of the hotel-own beach is sufficient space for celebrations with 1000 and more persons. Primarily world companies use this gladly, particularly since the catering is of the highest level. This was part of the reason why The International Association OF VIPs in Zurich took up the Grosvoner House to the elite group of the VIP-Business-Hotels www.VIP Despite the present impairment by the building activity around the clock, the elegant First-Class-Business-Hotel is worth a special recommendation for VIPs. www.grosvenorhouse www.leroyalmeridien

Vernissage des berühmten Maitre Andrew Vicari
im Grosvener House


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