A stay in Cologne
and in the "VIP hotel" maritime
- an experience for VIPs from all over the world


The cologne Cathedral at the Rhine have an incomparable appeal for visitors from all over the world. As a leading hotel, the maritime has the ideal view on both of the attractions - and makes the 5 Star Hotel mostly preferred by VIPs. Coming into the pulsating culture town imbedded in history, the Maritime offers all amneties for a perfect stay.

View of the maritime suite of the Rhine

No-one else in and around Cologne provides such generous modern banquet and conference rooms, 21 in number. More than 1,600 persons can take place in the largest hotel-hall which e.g. is used for benefit Galas and the famous carnival meetings. The architectural concept with a 100m long, glass-covered hotel lobby is unique all over europe. Four maritime restaurants next to boutiques and business rooms convey a lively boulevard character to the light- flooded hotel lobby. More than 454 elegant rooms are complemented by several suites. .
Highlight of the Marittme is the restaurant "Bellevue" over the roofs of Cologne with a view on the Cathedral and Rhine.

On the occasion of the benefit gala "Dress of Pina" german TV-Icon Jean Pütz (Member of the VIP box - has affiliated the 5 star Maritime Hotel Cologne in the name of the the "international Association of VIPs" to the illustrious circle of the VIP hotels.

VIPs, belonging to the VIP box (with, obtain preferred treatment like in all other The Maritim belongs to the leading hotel chains with 45 enterprises in Germany. The Maritime Group is present all over the wordl, such as in Bali, Djerba, Malta, Mauritius, Riga and Tenerife

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