At the Dubai World Cup an Audience of Millions
Experiences a Parade of Glamour

Like a scene from a movie, enthusiasm captivated the Kingdom of Dubai for the the 10th Anniversary of the Dubai World Cup. Over 60,000 people filled the Racetrack Nadja Al Sheba and a public of millions watched on TV screens around the world. During the superlative lasershow à la Hollywood, a first-class parade of magnificent horses and their riders, rode in the illuminated round before the Sheikh loggia area, and during the race, again and again uncontrolled shouts of delight could be heard from the "witnesses of this royal spectacle".

The Royals of Dubai, the world of business, the leading gastronomy and hotels provided an atmosphere of ultimate exclusivity. In the splendid loggia seating area of the Maktoums, the Emirate Airline, the Duty Free Dubai, the leading tophotels of the sheikhdom, the only-by-special-invitation guests were practically showered with culinary delicacies. Lobster and Beluga caviar, selected wines and champagnes like Dom Perignon belonged obviously to the occassion.

With heartfelt warmth, the arabic hosts welcomed and entertained their foreign guests, including the former German Consul General in Dubai, Mr. Conrad Cappell and his wife Lilo Cappell, as they returned from the Sultanate Brunei to their former domain of Dubai, which they left in July 2004. As the true reigning monarch of the sheikhdom, the Hereditary Prince Mohammed Al Maktoum called upon the german diplomat couple during his rounds, Mohammed`s son Prince Rasmid took the photocamera of the Cappell`s in his hand (what is usually unthinkable for a member of the royal family) to take a picture of the group.
In this case it must be mentioned that there are only few german diplomats that are held in such high regard as Lilo and Conrad Cappell, who were able in such a short time to create firm diplomatic (above all personal) contacts in countries, that they were sent to by the Federal Republic of Germany.

Conrad Cappell, as previously mentioned, began in July 2004 his mission as Ambassador of the Federal Republik of Germany to the Sultan of Brunei, one of the richest men in the world. In this short time, Lilo and Conrad Cappell have been able to again create the same kinds of close relationships with the dignitaries of the country and the royal family as they did during their four years in Dubai.


In Dubai, popular diplomats pose before press photographers:
The German Ambassador to Brunei, Conrad Cappell and his wife Lilo,
with Holland's Consul General in Dubai, and his wife.

It is certainly not easy, but it is hoped that the successor in office as German Consul General in Dubai and his wife will be able to maintain the excellent standing contacts between Dubai and Germany, that were initiated by Mr. and Mrs. Cappell.
Additionally, when Chancellor Schroeder toured Dubai with his then-Consul General Cappell, and witnessed the "emerging atmosphere for the future in the land of Dubai", he was convinced that Germany could and should participate in it.


Editor-in-Chief of VIP-Magazine Folkert Klaassen and his wife Elke
together with the German Ambassador to the Sultan of Brunei.
Conrad Cappell and his wife Lilo in the Maktoum`s VIP loggia.

Dubai`s "nice sons" with the German ladies like "roosters" in a "house of hens".
The pretty architect's daughter Alessa Wiesekoetter of Duesseldorf with her girlfriend from the German Embassy in Abu Dhabi.

Celebrated: The winner of the 2 million dollar endowed Duty-Free Race.


The Ruler of Dubai - Sheikh Rashid Al Maktoum

The Princes of the Royal Families. An English Lord follows together with a TV-reporter the course of the race and the placement of his race-horse.


The German Ambassador to the Sultan of Brunei, Conrad Cappell
and UNESCO- Attaché Lady Lilo Cappell at a meeting
with the Crownprince of Dubai Mohammed Al Maktoum.



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