In France with the King of Haute Cuisine

Kochpapst Paul Bocuse

LYON. Even today, the name of Paul Bocuse is still a watchword for gourmets around the world. The man who has been accorded the highest honours in his profession, aimed at pleasing those with the most refined tastes, travels all around the world spreading his special message about the joys of good food, but always quickly returns to Lyon, the source of his art. If you want to enjoy the culinary experience of a lifetime, you have to visit him once where he belongs: at home in France!

So it really is strange that every year thousands of people speed past Lyon on their way to the South of France without ever having visited the high priest of nouvelle cuisine. If you book in time, you should be sure of a beautifully set table at any time of the year, in the midst of an interesting and varied international public.

Walking through the rooms of the restaurant with its countless bright accessories and photos of famous people is a truly amazing experience. For Bocuse, who has been awarded three Michelin stars and has also been accorded the rank of "Officier de la Legion d'Honneur" by Jacques Chirac, has made French cuisine famous the world over.

Honest gourmets, who are truthful both to themselves and to others, openly admit that not only the appearance of the food is impressive in Bocuse's restaurant "At last a gourmet cook who puts enough on the plate!" All of us know of top chefs who are highly praised by the media and press but who often only offer the hungry visitor an arrangement of decorative foam or a tiny piece of duck's liver in the middle of a huge lettuce leaf - naturally served on a beautiful plate.

So I really appreciate the more generous approach of the great old master Bocuse. prof

When the great Paul Bocuse is demonstrating his cooking skills somewhere in the world, he can still rely on his home team at Collonges au Mont d'Or near Lyon. Christian Bouvarel, chef de cuisine (with moustache) is then responsible for all the magic which happens in the kitchen. Shown here framed by Mâitre Alfred and Premier Mâitre d'hotel François Pipala and juniors. If distinguished guests visit the restaurant, which happens almost every day, they are formally received by Madame Bocuse. The beaming figures at the entrance are a long Bocuse tradition.


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