UNICEF Peace Banner "HELP PLEASE" unveiled in the Friedensplatz
Presidential Advisor gives CD to George Bush
with the "World Hymn of Peace"

The 20.60 m long UNICEF Peace Banner, unrolled in the Friedensplatz (Peace Square) in Dortmund as a sign of solidarity with those hurt by the terrorist attacks and their consequences, presents the call "Peace Please/Help Please". The "UNICEF VIP Card" shows statesmen and prominent personalities from all over the world with whom Klaassen has met as a publicist and gala singer.

The German 'Unicef Peace Singer' Folkert Klaassen (The Galasinger®) addressed several statesmen from the United States who are fighting against terrorism, including US President George W.Bush, with the moving WORLD HYMN OF PEACE "What's the Price of Peace" written by the Broadway Musical composer MICHAEL KUNZE and the call "Help Please" (protect the innocent) on a 20-meter long UNICEF peace banner.

Prof. Dr. Herbert Kellner, member of the Task Force (left) on the occasion of his visit to Germany accepts the original photo of the peace banner to give to US President George W. Bush. Right: Multitalent Folkert Klaassen.

The Vice President of the UNITED STATES Open University Prof. Dr. Herbert Kellner, who belongs to the advisory team of the American president (member of the TASK FORCE) will present the peace CD and the photo of the peace banner from the benefit gala singer Klaassen after his return to the USA.

Well-known personalities with whom Klaassen has come into contact worldwide as gala singer and publicist feature on the larger-than-life sized UNICEF card - including Busch's predecessor Bill Clinton - (who before the end of his period of office had requested the Entertainment Committee of the White House to invite the German "peace singer" to a "Performance of Peace and Friendship at the White House" on the occasion of a Social Event of the First Family).

Klaassen, who because of his work on behalf of children in need has been recognized among others with the "Pyramide die mani" UNESCO Award, in his letter to US President Bush expresses the hope that the innocent, and particularly children, will remained unharmed during the fight against terrorism and that they will be given help and support. Through the music on his "World Peace CD", he hopes to reach some hearts which would otherwise be filled with hatred and revenge.

The total proceeds from the "Peace CD" will go to children in regions in and round Afghanistan, via UNICEF, the children's organization of the United Nations.

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2001 Veröffentlichung unter Quellenangabe gegen Beleg.


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