The Princes' Award success

The Princes' Award, named after its two patrons His Royal Highness Prince Frederik of Denmark and Prince Felipe of Spain, was inaugurated by the European Environment Agency on U-N environment Day, 5 June 1996. The Award was created as a means to improve the quality of audiovisuals on environmental issues by rewarding the best in Europe.

SponsorenSince its beginning, the Award has been organised and managed by the independent, non-profit organisation the Princes' Award Foundation. It covers the most powerful forms of media: TV, video and multimedia (CD-ROM, Internet). The official Award topic concerns Europe's Environment and the challenge of sustainable development. The competition is open to all sectors of the European audio-visual and publishing community: TV companies, independent producers, business and NGOS.

On its first debut the Award received entries from 17 European countries i.e. Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, The Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom. The number of entries has oscillated around 100 since the Award began. This year the Award ceremony was televised to over 100 million people world-wide.

A highly qualified Jury, chaired until last year by Ritt Bjerregard the former EU Environment Commissioner, is responsible for the nomination of three entries in each of the three categories: Documentary & Factual, Fiction and Multimedia. From the nine nominees three winners are chosen. DKK 25,000 (EUR 3350) in prize money is awarded to the winners.

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